WigWag Brings Home-Automation Mobile For US$119

WigWag Brings Home-Automation Mobile

Over the past few years, a number of smart home devices and systems have come and gone on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and other platforms, but it seems like a bunch of new ones have launched recently. WigWag is another device with that goal, and it has some distinct features that its creators hope will help it stand tall above others on the market.

WigWag is a sensor-based control system. it allows users to set up all kinds of rules for their homes, and it acts upon them when the "if" condition is met. No programming or computers are necessary; everything can be set up and controlled via the WigWag app for smartphones and tablets.

WigWag acts upon them when the "if" condition is met

For example, a user can tell the system to turn on the lights in a room when motion is detected, turn the heat on when the temperature falls below a certain level, if someone enters the backyard, WigWag can send an email. Users can even set permissions for friends and family members.

The actual sensor can be placed almost anywhere, so users can turn on lights and appliances, alert a homeowner to movement, turn on the TV, turn on the water, or do almost anything else that can be automated.

The system works because each of the Sensor Blocks comes equipped with eight environmental sensors:

WigWag is equipped with eight environmental sensors

  • Vibration
  • Motion
  • Humidity
  • Temperture
  • Sound
  • Ambient light
  • A trip wire
  • A contact switch
    The sheer range of sensors is one of the key things that separate WigWag from other devices on the market such as Twine. The same holds true for another home connecting device we've seen called Knut.

    WigWag includes mobile application, which offers a wider range of options for customizing and creating rules and lets users tinker from more or less anywhere.

    It runs off four AA batteries. You add it to your system by scanning a QR code on the back.

    It runs off four AA batteries. You add it to your system by scanning a QR code on the back

    WigWag includes three items: the Sensor Block, the Glowline, and the Relay.

    WigWag includes three items: the Sensor Block, the Glowline, and the Relay

    The compact Sensor Block packs in eight environmental sensors, four control features, and two expansion ports. It can measure light, detect motion, sound, temperature, humidity, movement, and contact closure, Users can also set up infrared (IR) tripwires between two blocks. It can even control other things, such as an electronic relay and IR devices.

    The Glowline can be mounted in multiple spots to provide ambient lighting that won't blind you when you sneak into the kitchen at night, and turns off when you leave. This purchase comes with an 8-foot strip of RGB LED strip lighting and a power supply.

    The Relay connects the WigWag and third-party devices to a cloud service that allows the system to tap into email, Twitter and other web-based services. One Relay can cover the entire house—or you can opt for another for a second location. Also, if you get in on WigWag’s Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be treated to a free lifetime WigWag Cloud subscription with the purchase of each Relay.

    WigWag is designed to work with a variety of third-party devices, including WiFi, IP, RS-232, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth.

    WigWag is seeking funding for its system on Kickstarter. It has far exceeding its US$50,000 goal with the support of almost 1,000 backers. The options for preordering a WigWag system range from $139 for just a Sensor Block and Relay, all the way to $579 for the Home Kit, which lets users pick a combination of 10 Sensor Blocks and Glowlines.


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