WaterBean: Reusable Portable Water Purifying Filter, Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

WaterBean Is A Reusable Portable Water Purifying Filter That Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

It is a considering that recycling waste material is really a positive thing. It’s certainly much better than delivering our trash to landfill where it’ll sit decaying (or otherwise, within the situation of non-biodegradable waste) for many years in the future. However, better still than recycling would be to not produce the waste to begin with. Canned water has become large business, and accepted in the past, but canned water guzzles energy and produces waste that actually does not have to be produced. WaterBean offers one possible means to fix the issue.

WaterBean is a water-purifying filter that fits into any water bottle turning tap water into clean drinking water. Designed by Japan-based package-designing entrepreneur Graeme Glen, the filter not only removes the impurities found in ordinary tap water but also improves your daily health by giving you the added minerals your body uses while eliminating the need to keep purchasing bottled water. One WaterBean filter saves up to 280 water bottles from polluting our landfills. That would be equivalent to two large shopping carts full of plastic.

One WaterBean filter saves up to 280 water bottles from polluting our landfills

The WaterBean itself is made from BPA-free materials and designed to never need replacing if it's well looked after.

It is estimated that consumers in the U.S. spend as much as $15 billion each year on purchase of bottled water. Then there’s the longstanding debate about tap water vs bottled water, it is believed that as much as 40 percent of bottled water is actually tap water. So why do consumers spend so much money on it? For some, its the peace of mind that the water is free of all impurities. WaterBean is a new alternative to bottled water.

According to Graeme Glen, the Japan-based entrepreneur behind WaterBean, the average person gets through 167 plastic bottles every year, which together produces 1.5 million tonnes of waste, partly because 75 percent of plastic water bottles don't get recycled.

Instructions for use are very simple; after inserting the filter you're advised to shake the bottle for about five seconds before gently swirling the water around for a short time. The longer the water is swirled, the better it will taste, or at least that's the theory. The old filters can be composted, thus adding to the green credentials of WaterBean.


  • Fits in ANY bottle
  • Portable: drink clean water anywhere
  • Cleans water and adds minerals for crisp, delicious water
  • Easily changeable filters
  • Ergonomic design
  • Saves money, saves the planet
  • Comes in many colors to match your lifestyle

WaterBean filter Comes in many colors to match your lifestyle

    The WaterBean is currently available through Indiegogo, with Glen seeking $35,000 by August 18. Pledges begin at US$12, which will get you one WaterBean with a filter included plus an extra filter pack (containing two filters).


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