MagBak: The World's Thinnest iPad Mount

MagBak: The World's Thinnest iPad Mount


Ever need a magical third hand to hold your iPad? Have you ever wanted to temporarily mount your iPad on a wall? Do you want to amaze your friends with your ability to stick your iPad to almost any metal surface? MagBak, The Worlds Thinnest iPad Mount may be just what you are looking for. MagBak is touted on its Kickstarter project page as ‘the world’s thinnest iPad mount’.


The MagBak can be mounted to any metal surface and others with the help of the metalic O-Ring

The MagBak is basically two silicone-coated magnets that attach directly to the back of the iPad. These allow the device to be attached to almost anything made of metal. For other surfaces, a metal O-ring with 3M adhesive backing is included.

The metal O-Ring allows the MagBak to be used on non-metallic surfaces

The MagBak pads have a nice texture to help prevent sliding on smooth surfaces, are shaped to fit your hand when carrying your iPad, and come in six different colors. The magnets will also hold the Apple Smart Cover open and prevent it from flapping around while the device is in hand. They are also coated in silicone, which should make the iPad easier to carry around, the 0.5mm thick pads keep the back of the iPad slightly elevated, providing a little protection. MagBak's surface gives the iPad some grip.

MagBak comes in six different colors

MagBak is 0.5mm thick

MagBak's surface gives the iPad some grip

As well as Apple's own Smart Cover, Alex Baca of 1Lss Inc. designed MagBak to work with other iPad accessories such as Smart Cargo.

The MagBak is a current Kickstarter project seeking funding until September 26, 2013. A US$34 pledge gets you a MagBak of your color choice and the Metal O-Ring or a US$39 pledge to get a MagBak in a color of your choice and 2 O-rings. You can get an additional free Metal O-Ring free by sharing this project on Facebook or Twitter. If the project is successfully funded, the MagBak is scheduled for delivery in September 2013..



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