OptimEyes: New Adverts Will Track Your Eyes

OptimEyes Let  New Adverts To Track Your Eyes

Our OptimEyes face detection technology is bringing digital, placed based media into a new age of customer insight, measurability, campaign management and optimisation.

The technology, called OptimEyes, will let advertisers to accurately measure in real time the type and volume of people that see their ad in any given location and at any time of the day. This will "provide an even greater understanding into the effectiveness of any given advert across our entire network," the company writes. OptimEyes promises to identify the gender and rough age of viewers using face detection.

Amscreen says that the system, which, unsurprisingly, requires the integration of a camera, will gauge the number of possible viewers and compare it with the actual number of viewers, as well as their age and gender. The system will also log the time and location of each view. And because this data will be reported live, Amscreen suggests it raises the possibility to optimize a marketing campaign mid run.

OptimEyes will gauge the number of possible viewers and compare it with the actual number of viewers, as well as their age and gender


  • Accurate, minute by minute traffic flow data to ascertain key busy periods
  • Live and location based audience analyses
  • Demographic breakdown – not just total audience  
  • Actual (not modelled) post campaign audience delivery review
  • Opportunity to optimise campaign schedules at any point of the campaign
  • Creative testing to determine those ads that are most effective at gaining attention from the chosen audience

So will these all-seeing advertisements be easy to spot? "Basically they're a webcam," Amscreen's Marketing Director Mike Hemmings, said. "It will not be obvious there's a camera there. There'll be no glaring light." But Hemmings describes the system more as a facial identification system than a recognition one, gauging the darker areas of a face to estimate age (with accuracy in the high 80s, percentage wise, he says). Gender, meanwhile, is "guessed" on the basis of attributes such as hair length.

Amscreen, which has a network of more than 6,000 screens in Europe in gas stations and convenience stores, is using the technology to let advertisers see the results of their ad spends. Hemmings said that the intention is to install the OptimEyes system across the company's entire installed base in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, with screens to follow in France and Oman.

Amscreen expects to announce advertising partners in the next few months, but as to when these screens will appear in our streets … "We've been testing for a good year now," Hemmings says.

It's unclear how most consumers will feel about the growth of such technology.


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