Renault's Twizy Cargo edition

Renault's Twizy Cargo edition

The new Twizy Cargo is the result of collaborative effort of  sacrification of  passenger seat and cutting-out of rear end from the battery electric roofed quad bike. It's a light commercial vehicle version of the smallest EV currently on the market. It is a teeny battery-electric vehicle (BEV).

By adding a boot behind the driver and doing away with the rear seats, Renault have turned the Twizy into a shopping cart which offers you 180 liters of boot space. The cargo area is exactly 550 x 500 x 950-mm (22 x 20 x 37-in) , completely watertight and capable of handling loads of up to 75 kg (165 lb). It's great for carrying the groceries or maybe a stack of medium-to-large pizzas. The trunk also benefits from a lockable door that opens to 90 degrees.

The cargo area is exactly 550 x 500 x 950-mm

Its relatively low purchase price  make it an excellent first car for urban commutes, or a fairly cheap entrée to the world of electric vehicles. Yet Renault reports that 60 percent of Twizy buyers have been from the business world, and has therefore developed a new version especially for them.

Twizy Cargo Has Been Especially Designed For Buyers From Bussiness World

Renault offers two version of this car with two outputs. There's the cheaper 45 Life version, which has about 5 hp and is limited to 45 km/h (28 mph) and the more powerful version with 17 hp that can reach 80 km/h (50 mph).

It's been given a starting price of €8,080 (about US$10,433), though it is subject to Renault's battery rental scheme, which will add at least €50 ($65) to monthly bills.

The more powerful model could be yours for €8,780 ($11,337).

Renault's Twizy Cargo offers two version


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