Twinkind: 3D Photorealistic Sculpture

Twinkind's 3D Photorealistic Sculpture

Have you ever imagined yourself to be in 3D. Now the time of making hard copies or photostats have gone, Hamburg-based Twinkind would like to create a Little 3D of You and the shocking thing is that it looks pretty realistic and the process is not time consuming.

Twinkind’s founders, Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel, are experienced creatives that come up with this fabulous idea of making 3D sculpture. Neurohr is the co-owner of creative agency Lux von Morgen whereas Schaedel’s has developed commercials for international clients including Audi, Fiat and Panasonic.

In 3D portrait service where the lengthy scanning process has been made as quick and painless as having a photo taken. You can even scan your pets, as they don't need to stay still for 20 minutes at a time!

To get made a 3D portrait, you simply stand inside Twinkind's proprietary photogrammetry 3D scanner, similar to the multi-camera set-up used to create the bullet-time effect in the Matrix films. Essentially a ring of cameras simultaneously snap photos of you from different angles, and then software analyzes the photos and automatically generates 3D geometry and then  you will be the owner of a little photorealistic sculpture anywhere from 15 to 35 centimeters (6 to 14 inches) tall and made of polymer plaster powder.

Twinkind Offers sculpture anywhere from 15 to 35 centimeters

sculptures are made of polymer plaster powder

The resulting prints are less durable than plastic, so the company says you need to be careful about heating them over 60°C (140°F), getting them wet, or placing them in direct sunlight (as the colors can fade).

Twinkind’s offering is different from the other 3D printed sculptures currently available in the sense that the speed of the initial scanning is very fast.

With Twinkind’s process, the scanning will take only a split second. And therefore, they can alter the results and rescan till you are happy with the image, and they can scan pets and kids and other objects that are not going to sit still for long.

The generated model data is highly detailed, capturing wrinkles in cloth

Color information from the photographs is converted into a texture map that is seamlessly applied to the geometry


  • Can't wear semi-transparent or shiny clothes
  • very small details like a pointed finger may break during the printing process

Full-color 3D printing is still an expensive process, and the price is dependent on the size of the print. Twinkind is offering seven different size options, from 15 cm (6 in) to 35 cm (13.7 in), which range in price from €225 (US$290) to €1,290 ($1,680) which is in line with similar services.

3D Photorealistic Sculpture Of A Lady

3D Photorealistic Sculpture Of Boys

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