Hot Logic Mini: A New Gadget That Heats The Food

Hot Logic Mini cooks and heats the food without drying it out

If you don't take the homemade food to you office and prefer to take your meal at restaurant nearby because of the reason that your food get cold and looses its freshness then now your worries are over with Hot Logic Mini that cook and heat food without drying it out.

 Hot Logic Mini is a lunch-size insulated bag with a carrying handle. A heating plate on the bottom takes care of warming food slowly and gently, keeping it warm without burning it. The interior is insulated with an aluminum lining, designed to retain heat from the built-in heating element.

Hot Logic Mini

Hot Logic Mini

To use the Mini, you simply place a container of food inside, zip it up and plug it in.The interesting thing is that you can use it with plastic containers, and even on prepared frozen foods in their original packaging. Of course glass and metal containers are fine, too. It heats up your food in approximately 60 to 120 minutes and then keeps it at a "pathogenic safe temperature" until you pull it out and eat it. According to Hot Logic, the system's gradual heating process cooks the food perfectly without burning it or drying it out.

"It's like a slow cooker with a brain," says Jake Wisner, Sales Manager for Hot Logic. "There's no programming required, no dials or buttons. Just plug it in and go about your business."

"The Mini is designed to automatically heat/cook meals and then hold the meal at a pathogenic safe temperature until removed," responds Don Wisner, president of Hot Logic's parent company Haven Innovation. "Yes you can put some chicken stir fry in the Mini in the morning, plug it in, go about your business, and at lunch enjoy a hot delicious meal."

The Hot Logic Mini heats/cooks meals and then hold the meal at a pathogenic safe temperature until removed


  • easy to use
  • safe certified
  • save time
  • eat healthy
  • save money
  • skip the microwave
  • tastes better
This product is absolutely great for heating homemade foods, and it can also cook foods that don't need higher temperatures. It doesn't have a battery and requires a 120-volt outlet. So, you'll either have to be near a location with power or bring a portable power supply.

The Mini is also useful for heating lunch at work or other indoor locations where you don't have access to a kitchen. This looks perfect for those who work night shift and don't have easy access to a microwave.

The Hot Logic Mini is useful for heating lunch at work, indoor locations or night shift work where you don't have easy access to a microwave

The Hot Logic Mini launched in May and is available now for US$49.97.


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