Electromagnetic Field Visualization Using Smartphone App

Electromagnetic field of a MacBook 
Two designers at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have made the invisible visible by creating their own Android app. Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray have created light paintings from the EMFs emitting from our everyday electronics using long-exposure photography and stop-motion animation. The result are ghoulishly pretty images showing wisps of light floating above a laptop and flowing from a radio’s speaker.

The EMF on a radio

The EMF floating above a radio speaker
This android app would allow them to draw and map EMFs. The screen of the Android smartphone has been entirely covered. With a camera set to long exposure, the handset is slid over the device (a Macbook for example), and the visible slit shows a series of colored dots which apparently relate to the EMF field.

“We were surprised by the difference in magnetic strengths between objects and how strong the electromagnetic field is around hard drives and laptop computers and mobile phones, all of which we live in constant close proximity to every day”, said Sturgeon.

Sturgeon says they don’t yet have a way to quantify how strong each EMF is, though he notes that the EMF from the laptop hard drive was so strong it would stall the phone’s magnetic sensor.


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