An Electronic Door Lock That Generates Its Own Electricity: Recodura

An Electronic Door Lock That Generates Its Own Electricity: Recodura
Horatio and Tuomi who work closely together in the field of locking systems, incorporates one complicating factor in unlocking doors i.e. they require a power supply. The Recodura lock, however, generates its own electricity when users push on its handle.

Every time the handle is used, an energy-harvesting mechanism within the lock generates enough power to run built-in RFID and NFC readers.

Full Description: Recodura
Recodura is a revolutionary new RFID locking and access control system, with door control units that are fully self-powered. Energy produced by using the door handle is automatically converted to electrical energy to operate the RFID locking system – no batteries or power cables are needed. This uniquely innovative feature means high CO2 efficiency and low maintenance, with practically none of the servicing demanded by conventionally powered systems.

Recodura is secure, versatile and flexible in operation. The access ID reader interface can be rapidly and easily reprogrammed, so that, for example, lost ID keys can be immediately invalidated and unauthorised access blocked.

Recodura is future-proof due to NFC functionality. In addition to access ID cards, it will soon also be possible to operate the door units using a smartphone. Access authorisation can be rapidly sent to a mobile telephone: this means that a doctor or other designated person could gain emergency entry to your home, or a co-worker could be permitted exceptional, one-off access (perhaps over a weekend) to their office or allowing one-time access to a certain room to a person by sending an update to the key on that person’s phone.

In emergency situations where a room simply has to be accessed immediately, a physical key can still be used in the provided receptacle

a slot for physical key for emergency situations in Recodura

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