Pirate 3D brings the New Buccaneer 3D Printer

Pirate 3D's New Buccaneer 3D Printer

Right now, the cost of a desktop 3D printer is out of reach for many consumers, which prevents the technology from reaching widespread saturation. But for those waiting on the sidelines for 3D printers to become more affordable, the wait may soon be over. A printer that will undoubtedly help the 3D printing revolution unfold will be the Buccaneer by Pirate 3D.

The specs for the New Buccaneer 3D Printer includes a 15 x 10 x 12 cm print volume, resolution of 100 microns, and Wi-Fi capabilities rank the Buccaneer up with top-notch printers (although it is not meant to be a high-precision printer).

The team has designed this to keep the printer as functional and consumer friendly as possible, with a refillable filament cartridge that also feeds the filament at 50 mm per second. They use stamped steel plates for the main body, which measures 25 x 25 x 35 cm. The printer head nozzle is 0.4mm in diameter and only uses 1.75mm PLA filament because it is renewable in nature (they say ABS smells too toxic). The aluminum build platform is accompanied by a brushed aluminum cover. The team also included simplicity in their design of a linear rail system to move the printer head in three dimensions.

 the New Buccaneer 3D Printer includes steel plates of 25 x 25 x 35 cm, head nozzle is 0.4mm in diameter and only uses 1.75mm PLA filament

The Buccaneer is Wi-Fi enabled so printing can be done directly from the cloud. It also comes with a design platform called Smart Objects along with a Smart Objects API and customized applications. The printer can also connect to Wi-Fi enabled cell mobile devices. The Buccaneer will be able to print any standard ".stl" files after being feed through the Pirate3D slicer.

As a sign of how much demand there is for a 3D printer like the Buccaneer, Pirate 3D was able to raise $1.4 million in a recently Kickstarter campaign — about 10 times its original goal. On the campaign site, Pirate 3D compares the Buccaneer with the MakerBot Replicator 2 — the closest competitor currently on the market — which retails for $2,199, more than six times the price. And unlike the Replicator, the Buccaneer is mobile enabled, and it doesn’t require cable hookups because it is wi-fi enabled.

 The New Buccaneer 3D Printer is wi-fi enabled

Speaking to Co.Design, Pirate 3D founder Roger Chang described the current moment in the evolution of 3D printing as being similar to the early personal computer era. “People would ask why you would want a computer at home. But then developers jumped on board and built useful software.” 

 The chief of design and user experience Tsang You Jun said, “We build our product along the design principles of Apple, only what is absolutely necessary is there; there are no unnecessary buttons nor wires.” There is a single LED indicator light and no buttons on the machine.

Pirate 3D’s Brendan Goh continues, “We want to make this technology affordable for everyone. We have been using 3D printers for a couple of years, and now find them indispensable; like how a computer or cell phone is to you. Everyone should have access to such an essential piece of technology.” As part of this accessibility the Pirate 3D team wants to unfold something called the Pirate –Distribution –Network or PDN where users can access files to print all sorts of physical objects.

The New Buccaneer 3D Printer that anyone can use

 The Buccaneer is geared towards prototyping or creating artwork. The best part is it will be available for $347, which makes it the one of the most affordable for the size and specs. Its not clear if there will be any added fees for using the PDN or any other Pirate 3D service.


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