Apple Files For 'iWatch' Trademark In Japan

Apple's iWatch Will Look Like
Apple Inc. has filed a trademark application for an iWatch in Japan, adding to speculation that the company is preparing to introduce a watchlike product.

The news comes from Bloomberg, which says Apple filed for the trademark on June 3 with the Japan Patent Office, suggesting, once again, that the fabled product may actually be a real thing. Earlier other companies have filed for the same trademark in the past, although this particular one was specifically applied for by Apple Inc. of Cupertino. The filing categorized the iWatch as a "handheld computer or watch device," which puts it right in line with previous expectations.

Apple comes out with an iWatch, it likely won't replace the iPhone, but rather serve as a complement to it.

Earlier this month, it’s been rumored that Apple may have filed for the iWatch mark in Russia.

In the past, Apple is believed to have a team of 100 people working on the development of its iWatch smartwatch. It’s still unclear if the iWatch could replace an iPhone and handle calls, data, and web, though it will be able to handle at least some of the tasks that smartphone owners use their phones for.

The trademark application follows a recent Apple patent for a flexible AMOLED display intended to be worn around the wrist, in addition to reports that the so-called iWatch will run a full version of iOS and could be available as early as later this year.

The competition to create the first commercially successful smartwatch is well underway, with large companies like Samsung and Microsoft being mentioned in rumors a number of times. Sony, on the other hand, is preparing to launch its latest smartwatch while Pebble continues to deliver its successful Kickstarter project to customers.

The device, which could launch as early as late this year or as far off as late 2014, is expected to duplicate select iPhone and iPad functions. It could run a modified version of iOS, and could potentially combine native processing with notifications and select information transmitted from an iPhone. It could also rely heavily on Siri's voice control, and use some kind of biometric sensors for both security and health and fitness monitoring. Apple bought biometric sensor company Authentec last year.

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