YouTube Founders launch MixBit, A Video-stitching App For ios Devices

YouTube Founders launch MixBit, A Video-stitching App For ios Devices

YouTube, in its eight short years of existence, has proven itself to be one of the most influential websites on the Internet. It started a video-sharing revolution, giving ordinary people a creative outlet on the web. Sure, Vine and Instagram do video too, but YouTube was there first. It created the genre.

Now, YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are taking their original idea and updating it for an increasingly mobile world. Meet MixBit, a video-sharing smartphone app that combines the recording ease of Vine with the editing and collaboration tools that helped make YouTube a web sensation.

MixBit is a video-sharing app that "helps people create dynamic videos together" according to its App Store listing. It's launching into a market dominated by Twitter's Vine and Facebook's Instagram, although its emphasis on collaboration makes it closer to another startup, Vyclone.

MixBit app helps people create dynamic videos together

Users can shoot video clips between one second and an hour in length, edit them together and share them on MixBit's community, as well as to Facebook and Twitter. They are also encouraged to "view, collect and mix" videos from other MixBit users.

"We started YouTube to make it easy for everyone to share videos. Now we want to help people make great videos," explain AVOS' founders in the app's listing.

"We are a community of creators. We believe everyone has something interesting to say. We give people fun, intuitive tools to help them tell stories together. We think video should be a living, breathing entity and that creativity is a collaborative process."

MixBit’s main selling point is the ability to collaborate on videos with other people. Users of the app can take bits and pieces of others’ videos posted to the social network as part of their own. Theoretically, you never need to shoot a single second of video yourself – you can remix up to 256 clips of pulled from other people’s work. On MixBit, this type of sharing and re-using of content is encouraged.

Mixbit is currently available for iOS devices via iTunes. An Android version is coming soon.
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