Chrome's "Supervised Accounts" Includes Parental Controls Feature

Chrome's "Supervised Accounts" Includes Parental Controls Feature 

Chrome will soon add a “Supervised Accounts” option that will allow for a limited browsing experience, BrowserFame said recently. These user accounts would have less privileges as compared to the standard users and can be used for granting limited and controlled access to other users. For example, it can be used by parents to control browsing activities and other settings for their kids.

It could also be a decent option in a cafe or business center that lets people log-in to public computers for limited time frames. It’s unclear how much control primary users will have over the Supervised Accounts. The primary user will need to be signed in to create supervised users, and we assume there are options to block specific websites and track where the supervised user visited while online.

It is still early days yet for the new feature, but you can set up the new supervised accounts feature in the same manner as a normal account, the only difference being that you have the final say in what users are allowed to access.

To get started, enter chrome:flags in the address bar and activate the following two flags: “Enable supervised users” and “Enable new profile management system”. Restart Chrome Canary and set up the desired accounts. Next you will need to browse to to configure what is accessible, otherwise the new accounts will have full access to all web pages.


step1: enter name and select "supervised account" option

step2: confirmation of account creation

step3: supervised account created

step4: user manager

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