Woman Buys Two iPhones For $1,500 From Classifieds, Gets Real Apples

Woman Buys Two iPhones For $1,500 From Classifieds, Gets Real Apples

You might have definitely purchased the iphone and have paid some reasonable amount but here is a lady who had been tricked for two iphones and paid a handsome amount of $1500 for two real fruits "APPLE".

An Australian woman was scammed out of $1,500 last week when she tried to buy two iPhones through Gumtree, a Craigslist-style online classifieds website, the Herald Sun reports. The unnamed 21-year old woman posted an online ad  that she wanted to buy two iPhones. She promptly received a response from another lady who said she had two phones to sell for $1500.

The two women then arranged to meet at a local McDonalds, where the exchange took place.

“The woman paid $1500 [USD$1336.95 / €1,000] and was handed two iPhone boxes that looked new but she did not check inside,” says the paper.

To her surprise, when she came back home and opened the boxes, she found apples in them – “real apples, not the iPhone variety,” according to the report.

The scam artist has not been found, but the victim appears to have learned a valuable lesson, saying, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Despite her traumatic experience, the woman doesn’t think people should avoid classifieds websites at all costs, noting that “most people are doing the right thing.” However, if you plan to purchase something from a stranger you met online you should definitely inspect whatever you’re buying before you let them leave. If possible, also make sure to get a working phone number so you can contact them later if there are any issues.

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