Waterproof iPod Shuffle From Underwater Audio

Waterproof iPod Shuffle From Underwater Audio

There have been lots of waterproof music players from companies like Sony and Finis, but Apple hasn't created its own iPod aimed at swimmers just yet. That's why Underwater Audio developed its own process for waterproofing the iPod Shuffle.

Competitive cyclists, swimmers, and other athletes use waterproof technology to listen to music, while  keeping their  devices free of damage from sweat and water, amongst other sporty things.

The Waterproof iPod Shuffle and Swimbuds are bundled together at a price of US$165, which knocks about $14 off the cost of purchasing them separately. Underwater Audio offers them in the same colors as Apple: silver, slate, blue, pink, green, and yellow.

The Waterproof iPod Shuffle comes in silver, slate, blue, pink, green, and yellow colors

With the bundle, you'll receive:

The pack includes these items

  1. a waterproof iPod Shuffle (fourth generation, 2GB)
  2. Apple earbuds
  3. USB charging cable
  4. iPod Shuffle instructions
  5. a pair of Swimbuds headphones
  6. four pairs of silicone ear pieces in various sizes
  7. a 39-in (99-cm) extension cord for the headphones
  8. a one-year warranty on the iPod itself
The device itself has waterproofed openings and buttons, meaning that anywhere that water could possibly seep into the device has been sealed off. This allows the iPods internals to remain nice and dry when submerged. However, the iPod’s exterior looks to have been left alone due to the fact that, if submerged, it doesn’t have any affect on the iPod’s functionality.

According to the manufacturer, the waterproof iPod can withstand depths up to 200 ft (approx. 70 m). Theoretically you could take it scuba diving, but the Swimbuds' instructions do warn that using them any deeper than 10 ft (3 m) could cause injury.

The only downfall to the iPod’s waterproofing is the fact that the iPod’s buttons and switches are a little bit hard to press due to the waterproof coating. It almost feels as if you got something stuck under the button. 

Aside from the buttons being waterproofed, the rest of the iPod Shuffle is the same as any other. The iPod is controlled by a simple circle of controls and a switch that lets you toggle between a shuffled music library and a standard, in-order library. You can also toggle between playlists using the center button on the top of the iPod.

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