Samsung Wallet: Apple's Passbook-Like App For Selected Galaxy Devices

Samsung Wallet Is Apple's Passbook-Like App For Selected Galaxy Devices

Samsung has just announced its new Wallet mobile payment app for its Android devices at the Mobile World Congress and it looks a lot like Apple's Passbook. The app was announced in beta for developers back in February, but it has only just now made it to the Play Store.

Samsung Wallet is described as “a one-stop destination for your boarding passes, membership cards, coupons and event tickets.” Going forward, compatible apps will let you load tickets onto Samsung’s new wallet, where you can easily manage your digital life. There are also time and location-based push notifications which let users know about offers and updates, and users can display barcodes to scan at payment desks. If all of that reminds you of Passbook.. that's because they're all passbook features.

Samsung Wallet can store boarding passes,

membership cards, coupons and event tickets

Samsung Wallet can store your boarding passes,  membership cards, coupons and event tickets


>> Optimized for HD and Full-HD Samsung devices
>> Store and manage tickets, coupons, mobile boarding passes and membership cards in one convenient
>> Offers 5 default categories for easy management of Tickets. You can also add categories for more
>> Customizable time and location-based reminders to show the Tickets at the right time and place.
>> Synchronize all your Tickets to multiple devices using Samsung account
>> Receive and store Co-marketing offers
>> Create your own tickets manually by using ‘Create my ticket’ feature
>> Discover grocery coupons and digitally save them to loyalty card of participating groceries

Supported Devices

>> Galaxy S3
>> Galaxy S4
>> Galaxy Note
>> Galaxy Note 2

So if you have one of those supported Galaxys, you will be able to download the Wallet app from the Google Play Store.

However the drawback is that with so few Galaxy-branded handsets able to support the current edition of Samsung Wallet, it will be unlikely potential users will have more than one of those supported models. So the push and sync feature of the Samsung Wallet does not seem like it will be all that useful although it could have set the Wallet apart from Passbook.

Back in February, several sites were mentioned to be Wallet-compliant, including and but as of right now the Samsung Wallet is not capable of making transactions only storing and maintaining deals and bookings.

Perusing the reviews, many users seem to be experience invalid package errors and the like, so it seems as though Samsung may have preemptively released the app without performing proper quality assurance. A simple update will fix that right up… we hope.
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