Parrot's New Zikmu Solo Speaker Generate High-Performance Sound Quality

Parrot's New Zikmu Solo Speaker Generate High-Performance Sound Quality

Parrot, a company known for its high-end audio devices, is releasing a new entry in its Zikmu line of wireless speakers. The new model, called the Zikmu Solo, features a 2.1 configuration, which is designed to generate high-performance sound quality without the need for two separate speakers.

From a pure power standpoint, this and the original Zikmu peak at 100RMS. The difference comes from the way the power is distributed. Where the original featured 50W in each of the two channels, the Solo is divided with 20W in each of two side panels, 20W in a center channel, and 40W in a dedicated woofer.

It comes with two side channels, a center channel, and a subwoofer. The Zikmu Solo is revolutionary in virtually recreating the stereophonic image of a traditional two-speaker configuration, whilst faithfully reproducing the original music content.

An addition to the Solo is the integrated ethernet port. This lets users still connect their Solo to their network, if Wi-Fi coverage is not available. The speaker can also use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly, for users who don't want to connect it to the Internet at all.

The wireless Zikmu Solo speaker supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Solo also includes an iPod and iPhone dock at the top. It's made to work with older devices, as it has Apple's older 30-pin Dock connector. The dock uses a digital connection to preserve the purity of the digital audio signal coming from your iDevices, ensuring incomparable sound quality of your songs. Furthermore, the Zikmu Solo lets you listen to your music while recharging your device.

The Zikmu Solo features an Apple Dock connector for iPods and iPhones


Specifications for Parrot's New Zikmu Solo Speaker

The Zikmu Solo is available at the Amazon for US$999.

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