Huawei WS320 Universal WiFi Booster

Getting a good WiFi signal around your home can be a nightmare, especially if you live in multi-story building or in older one with thicker walls. This is where a product like the Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater/Booster comes handy.

The Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater connects to your existing Wireless Router/Modem easily via WiFi and allows you to extend your existing wireless signal coverage into dead zones around your home.

The Huawei WS320 wireless repeater is small, light and portable that you easily carry whenever you travel. The device build quality is great and feels solid. As you can see, its small just like a regular mobile charger, and matches easily in homes environment with its white color. It connects to a 3 pin mains power supply and boost the range of your wireless network to dead zones.

 Setting up the Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater is very simple:
  1. First plug WS320 into a power socket in the room where you have your main WiFi router/modem
  2. Press the ‘pairing’ button (WPS) on the existing WiFi router/modem
  3. Next press the ‘pairing’ button on the Huawei WS320
  4. Wait a few seconds, the status light on the WS320 will turn green, that’s it
  5. Now Huawei device will begin to relay the existing WiFi signal using the same network name (SSID) and password (encryption)
  6. Now unplug the paired WS320 repeater and plug it in the room where you are getting low signal from your existing WiFi router/modem
  7. Selecting the position for your WS320 repeater is important- the region where you are going to plug the paired WS320 repeater must be in range of your existing WiFi router/modem, so that it can pair and boost the signal
  8. Now devices can be seamlessly connected to the WiFi network as normal

    WPS feature is supported by most recent WiFi routers (e.g. BT Home Hub), if WPS is not available then a web-based setup administration console will guide the user through steps required to configure the device.

     Technical Specifications:
    • Router/Access Point – Extender – Wi-Fi Hotspot
    • WPS Pairing – Easy push button configuration
    • Supports IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.
    • Support for WEP, TKIP AES encryption
    • Expands any existing WiFi network up to 150 m, up to 135 Mbps
    • Dimensions: 76 x 42 x 69 mm
    • Weight: 66 g
    • Voltage: 110 – 240 V

    Huawei WS320 WiFi Booster is great low cost solution for business and home use for extending the coverage of Wireless network without installing expensive cables or additional routers. The device can be purchased  for just £26.99 /  $41.99.
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