Google Glass Accessory "PWRGlass" Claims To Triple Its Battery-Life

Google Glass Accessory "PWRGlass"Claims To Triple Its Battery-Life

Inventor Kevin Alan Tussy claims to have created an accessory for Google Glass that'll increase its battery life by up to 3 times, in keeping with a release by PR Newswire.

Tussy says: "Google Glass is an incredible leap forward and the development team deserves an amazing amount of credit. There are so many nice apps for glass in the works, folks are aiming to want to use it all the time. However you cannot use it all the time due to battery life. I saw the need and solution as shortly as the internal Glass battery died on Me. I need to work and had the design for a battery-packed retainer strap in my patent attorney's hands that same night."

According to the offical web-site, the accessory - known as PWRGlass, an external battery pack that works as an add-on accessory to Google’s futuristic eyewear - has forecasted specifications of a 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack and can be charged via a mini-USB cable.

PWRGlass is currently just a 3D rendering at the moment although Tussy says a 2,000mAh lithium-ion battery will be hidden under what looks like a sunglasses band. If you spend any time around college-aged frat guys, you know that such a thing is actually rather popular. 

"It's clear that glass users need this solution. we plan on taking pre-orders on our web-site as soon as we've a ship date. we are also exploring making similar battery-packed retainer straps for other increased reality headsets just like the Recon Jet," he explained.

Meanwhile, Tussy added the development team was additionally working on a second device that will add additional storage capacity to Glass, which is currently limited to just 12GB of internal storage.

PWRGlass is patent-pending, therefore details surrounding valuation, modification, etc, are still to be release.

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Write by: RC - Sunday, August 4, 2013

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