Google Adds Voice Recognition Tools To Google Search

Google Adds Voice Recognition Tools To Google Search

Google is adding the voice-recognition tools that have been found in Google Now to Google Search. This new feature will enable you to type or ask out loud about your queries.

“We’ve been offering this kind of info—flights, reservations, appointments and more—for more than a year in Google Now, “ wrote Roy Livne, a product manager for Google, in a blog post. “We’ve gotten great feedback on how convenient it is, especially when you’re on the go. Now that it’s in Google Search, you can get it anytime you need it.”

According to Livne, if the information you’re looking for is in your Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google+ account, then you’ll be able to ask Google Search to find it for you.

Google will begin rolling out the voice-search feature over the next several days to all U.S.  English-speaking users on the desktop, tablet, and smartphone.  It ought to be available to all Google users by the end of the week, according to Google spokeswoman Roya Soleimani. The new voice-powered Search will work in most Google apps, including the Chrome browser on desktops and mobile and the Google Search apps on Android and iOS.

Livne noted that the Google Search voice feature will be able to help users find information about flights, hotel or restaurant reservations, the status of online orders, and daily schedules.

The new voice recognition features are robust enough to be able to work with different ways of formulating the same question. Soleimani said that asking, "What time is my flight?" will elicit the same answer as "When is my flight?" or "When does my flight leave?"

The service, which is available when you’re signed into Google, enables users to turn it on or off.

“Whenever you don’t want to see it, simply click the globe icon at the top of the search results page to turn it off for that search session,” wrote Livne. “To turn it off permanently, visit the “Private results” section in search settings. We hope this makes your day a little easier.”

Other benefits of the new features are that you don't have to wrack your brain trying to remember when you got the airline reservation confirmation e-mail or where in Google+ your favorite photo from your last vacation is. "This information is just for you -- secure, via encrypted connection, and visible only to you when you're signed in to Google," wrote Roy Livne, Google Search product manager in the blog about the update.

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Write by: RC - Thursday, August 15, 2013

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