Apple's Rumored 12.9-Inch iPad Shown Off In Concept Images

Apple's Rumored 12.9-Inch iPad Shown Off In Concept Images

Despite how silly some people may think a 12.9-inch iPad would be, it’s something worth at least considering how it might look.

Over the past few months, a number of reports – one even coming from The Wall Street Journal – have argued that a larger 12.9-inch iPad is in the works, and could launch as early as fall 2013. A rumor popped up in May about the iPad Maxi, which pretty much everyone dismissed as bogus. The rumor has since popped up again from a slightly more reliable source, so the folks over at MacRumors decided to see just what a 12.9-inch iPad might look like.

The 12.9-inch iPad (left), Apple’s anticipated fifth-generation iPad (right), and the iPad mini (bottom)

Commissioned by MacRumors, there is a deal of logic behind the 12.9-inch dimensions of the anticipated tablet. The website explains:

"Increasing the diagonal measurement of the iPad’s display from 9.7 inches to 12.9 inches while maintaining the same 4:3 aspect ratio yields a substantial increase in display area of about 40%, leading us to believe that Apple will not simply scale up the existing iPad resolution to the larger screen size. Doing so would reduce pixel density from the 132 pixels per inch (ppi) or 264 ppi Retina on the current iPad to approximately 99 ppi (198 ppi Retina), making icons and other interface elements extremely large."

"If Apple were, however, to maintain the same 132/264 ppi of the current 9.7-inch iPad, this 12.9-inch iPad could conveniently carry an increased resolution of approximately 1366 x 1024 (2712 x 2048 Retina), matching the “HD” display standard in width and exceeding it in height."

The 12.9-inch iPad (left) and Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air (right)

The only problem here is that to keep the same pixel density means changing the resolution, which in turn would mean that the 300,000+ apps optimized for iPad would need to be adapted for yet another screen. And then there’s the problem of getting in a battery and processor powerful enough to keep the thing lit and performing well without sacrificing battery life. Just to put a dampener on things, can you imagine how much it would cost Apple to build one of these? Bigger display, bigger battery, bigger chip? It’s all going to cost, and you can be sure – if launched – it would be nowhere near the $500 mark.

Will it actually appear on store shelves? We don’t know, but if it does the rumors are pointing to it happening in 2014. Stay tuned.
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