Twitter Sets New Tweets Per Second Record- 143,199Tweets/sec

Twitter Sets New Tweets Per Second Record- 143,199Tweets/sec

Earlier this month, a great moment in World Twitter History had come to pass, breaking all previous records and, a new world record for tweets per second was set at 143,199.

The record came in with the broadcast of a Japanese anime film called Castle in the Sky on August 3. The anime is not a stranger to setting Twitter records. Back in December 2011, the airing of the movie broke the same record with 25,088 tweets-per-second. However, the record today is a pure mind-boggling number.

Twitter VP of Platform Engineering Raffi Krikorian announced the news recently, boasting that despite the brief but massive rise in tweets per second, the site never lagged or went offline. That’s pretty impressive considering traffic increased about 25 times over, jumping from an average rate of 5,700 tweets per second all the way to 143,199.

A graph released by the micro-blogging website shows a sudden, sharp peak in its tweets timeline. This particular spike is 25 times greater than Twitter’s steady state, and its no mean feat – both for the film as well as for the website.

The post describes a complete overhaul of Twitter’s backend:

"Our systems and our engineering team now enable us to launch new features faster and in parallel. We can dedicate different teams to work on improvements simultaneously and have minimal logjams for when those features collide. Services can be launched and deployed independently from each other (in the last week, for example, we had more than 50 deploys across all Twitter services), and we can defer putting everything together until we’re ready to make a new build for iOS or Android."

In the past few years, Twitter’s engineers have redeveloped the social network from the ground up following the 2010 World Cup, where excited sports fans around the world flooded the site with constant posts, regularly knocking Twitter offline.

Krikorian promises even more features in the near future, but one thing’s for sure: no one at Twitter is worried about the site going offline next year when the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil.
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Write by: RC - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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