Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

The Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

There’s still millions of people who rely on a mouse to do their job. As, mouse is a device that by its very nature forces their forearm and wrist into a variety of unnatural positions, inevitably causing varying levels of discomfort and/or pain.

The VerticalMouse is far from a new product, with this being its fourth generation device in over a decade on the market.

The vertical orientation seems to promote moving the mouse with movements of the elbow rather than the wrist, which feels a little odd at first but is easily adjusted to and obviously helps prevent wrist fatigue.
It’s surprisingly capable for gamers, with five buttons to assign, and obviously far less wrist fatigue during those marathon sessions.

Mac users might miss the two-finger scrolling of their Magic Mouse or Trackpad, however you can solve this by keeping a Magic Trackpad on the left side of the keyboard for times when the scroll wheel just isn't cutting it.

There’s a variety of models available – the left handed and those of you with smaller hands have models specifically for you, there’s wireless models with either a USB receiver or Mac-compatible Bluetooth, and the plain old wired, right-handed model I chose due to my distaste for batteries.

According to me this looks like, it could be a good gaming mouse. Bulky though, wouldn't want to carry it in my backpack.

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