Nokia Reveals "HERE Auto": A Connected Car Navigation System

Nokia Reveals "HERE Auto": A Connected Car Navigation System

Nokia on Friday announced a complete connected driving experience “HERE Auto” for cars, that will offer end-to-end driving assistance in navigation and more. That includes HERE Auto, HERE Auto Cloud and HERE Auto Companion in addition to improvements to HERE Traffic. The offering includes an embedded in-dash navigation system and the HERE Auto Companion app for Windows Phone devices.

It could come pre-loaded in your car. You won’t need access to a cellular network because, like some embedded systems today, everything is already stored in your car’s dashboard. It includes turn-by-turn directions in 95 countries and street view support. Nokia’s also releasing a software development kit so developers can add their own apps – it hopes to see social networking and music included from third party sources, which means we could see Pandora or Spotify pop up, for example. HERE Auto should roll out in the coming months, Nokia said.

HERE Auto  includes turn-by-turn directions in 95 countries and street view support

HERE Auto Cloud is a connected solution, which means you’ll need some sort of cellular service. It will offer real-time traffic updates and provide access to points-of-interest, such as gas stations or restaurants. Used with HERE Auto Companion, which will exist as a mobile app, drivers can pre-plan trips, keep track of their car and make sure that their vehicle is in working order – it will provide feedback on how much gas is left in the tank and information on tire pressure, washer fluid levels, trip length and more, Nokia said.

There's no word on when it HERE Auto will be available, but Nokia is working with parts supplier Continental to recruit automakers willing to integrate the software into their systems. For the time being, the app works exclusively with Windows Phones, but it should be available to iOS and Android later.

Nokia Reveals "HERE Auto"

Nokia has partnered with Continental (the same parts supplier working with Google and IBM) to find carmakers willing to integrate Here Auto into their navigation systems. It might take a while before we see the system hit the market, but it'll be demonstrated at the International Motor Show in Germany on September 10th.

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