SPRAYABLE ENERGY Lets You Absorb Caffine Through Your Skin

SPRAYABLE ENERGY Lets You Absorb Caffine Through Your Skin

Many people rely on a cup of coffee or two to wake them up in the morning or pick them up during the working day, but now a chemist has come up with a speedy alternative to crafting a cuppa.

U.S. biochemist Ben Yu has created 'Sprayable Energy,' which claims to be the world's first caffeine - based topical energy spray.

The people behind Sprayable Energy claim that the product delivers just one active ingredient, caffeine, into your body by way of the topical application of a "clear and unscented liquid." Each time you want a caffeine hit you spray the product onto your skin for 2-4 times depending on your how much energy you need.

Caffeine naturally enter your body through the skin by passing through cell membranes (caffeine is very structurally similar to nicotine - which also easily passes through cell membranes).

The science of sprayable energy

The innovation behind Sprayable Energy is the delivery system, with the caffeine being made more soluble by pairing it with "a simple derivative of a naturally produced amino acid, tyrosine."

The advantage of this method is the removal of calories and coffee breath, and the time saved on making and drinking the caffeinated drink. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, a purse, or a glove compartment, and lets you take your energy anywhere you go.

Sprayable Energy will come in any one of a number of different colored bottles

One bottle of black aluminum bottle of Sprayable Energy (which contains around 160 sprays) costs US$15 through the Indiegogo campaign, with free shipping to anywhere inside the United States. The project had a goal of $15,000 but has already sailed well past that target.


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