Waka Waka Power Solar Lamp And Device Charger

The WakaWaka Power is a personal solar charger and a lamp. Solar energy has really become ubiquitous these days and we see the technology incorporated into our everyday lives. solar panels are a common sight and even personal chargers like the WakaWaka Power are also available in considerable numbers. WakaWaka is Swahili and is translated roughly to “Shine Bright”.

The Waka Waka lamp is a solar-powered LED light designed for use both in first-world campsites and third-world homes. Towards the end of the year, the Waka Waka Foundation followed up on the lamp’s success with a similar product, known as Waka Waka Power. It not only provides light, but can also be used to charge up your electronic gadgets.

The idea behind Waka Waka Power is simple i.e. put it in the sunlight, and it automatically starts charging up its 2,200 mAH LiPo battery. The WakaWaka Power device has a total of 5 LEDs on the case, 1 of which flashes to indicate that the unit is charging and the other 4 indicate how charged the battery is- single flashes indicate a slow charge, two flashes indicate a normal charge, and three mean that it’s charging fast.

After eight hours in full direct sun, it should achieve a full charge. You can check how much power it got by holding down its power button, which will cause a group of one to four other top-located lights to illuminate – depending on how many light up, a battery status of 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent is indicated.

The Waka Waka Power can also be charged from computer’s USB port in four hours and then charge a phone or other device via the Waka Waka’s USB port.

The lamp itself is a super bright LED and has variable brightness setting. This handy source of illumination can continue up to a 100 hours (on a certain setting) and again would be especially indispensable when outdoors. Other features include an ‘Auto energy saving mode’ and SOS emergency signaling.

Talking about the specifications technically, the battery is a 2200mAh LiPo and the solar cell has an efficiency of 22%. The LEDs are 0.5W Seoul Semicon with a 120 lumen/watt rating and can output 7 lux ambient light and 30 lux taslight. It’s an ideal solution for vacations, trips or just solid backup.


  • Pocket-sized smartphone charger with efficient solar panel and LED light
  • Charges most smartphones and tablets via USB, solar, or AC
  • Choose from 5 different light modes, including SOS beacon
  • Durable, water-resistant construction; lightweight at only 7 ounces
  • Measures 4.8 by 4 by 0.8 inches

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