Simple Phones Can Now Run Smartphone Apps

According to VascoDe CEO 83 percent of mobiles in the world are simple and do not connect to the internet which means that almost four billion people in the world cannot check their email whenever they wish to do so but now Customers will be able to use apps available until now only for Smartphone users on their simple phones.

For the same, a method has been developed by an Israeli company where old or outdated phones can run apps available only for smartphones.

The name of the Israeli company is VascoDe company. The system developed by the VascoDe company allows users to obtain apps with the firm’s cloud-based system that requires no downloads and uses the text-based Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), similar to the Short Message Service (SMS).

Customers will be able to use many apps available until now for smartphone users only. However, the only difference is that they will see the apps in black and white.

According to technology and health website, Israel21c, the USSD system does not allow access to the Internet, instead it uses the API (Application Programming Interfaces) from pages like Facebook, Gmail, and the like.

VascoDe CEO Doron Mottes said the difference between being able to check emails and respond to them, can make a whole difference in a world so hung up on the internet, because it can give you the possibility to respond to job offers.

VascoDe’s main markets are developing countries like Brazil, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, where most of the population cannot afford internet connection or a computer.

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Write by: RC - Sunday, June 30, 2013

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