Scramble Face Puts Face Recognition Technology to Good Use

A new website, Scramble Face, introduces an easy way for people to track down pictures of themselves online so that they can find out their pictures over internet and can conclude whether their picture is being misused.

Scramble Face is a newly launched website created by VersusMedia. This new website makes better use of advanced face recognition technology and put it into an online tool that helps people track photos of themselves online.

The proliferation of personal photos online is one of the major causes of trouble in the cyber world which is Known as a major threat to cyber security in which online photos can be used heavily in identity theft and other cyber crimes. Safety and security issues aside, the ease at which photos can spread all over the Internet is another major cause for concern for many netizens, especially those who live active lives on social networks. Now-a-days people are much more connected with social networking sites on which everyone can post pictures not only of themselves but also of their friends wherever they may be. Whether they’re sharing a quick lunch or hanging out on a weekend or are traveling together on vacation, a person can quickly post photos, complete with location and then tag their friends on the photos and information involved. GPS systems plus the advent of ‘tagging’ has made cyber world such a small place indeed.

This means, however, that anyone who has been with you anywhere and anyone who has a photo of you can share both photos and information about you online. This new phenomenon is, in fact, becoming more rampant day by day. As a result, it has become harder to keep track of all the photos of you that are circulating online, and people nowadays can no longer prevent their pictures from being misused on the Internet and getting tagged with a certain location. Although many are also concerned about vanity, these factors are undeniably a major privacy issue as well.

This is where Scramble Face comes in. The new website makes use of face recognition technology to track all photos of a person that are posted online. The website works by scanning various message boards online that allow users to upload images and scanning those images one by one. To date, Scramble Face has over 25 million scanned pictures in its database, and the number is continuously growing every day. Although scanning every single message board on the Internet is a pretty tall order, the company is committed to finding as many as possible.

Once photos are detected, Scramble Face lists down all the websites where the photos can be found and provides an accuracy percentage, which shows how certain the website is of the face match that has been detected. The website, however, does not give out the exact URL locations of the images. This helps keep the information up-to-date and accurate since most websites change image file naming conventions from time to time. On top of that, seeing as the protection of privacy and security are the main goals of the website, Scramble Face also provides just the website and not the image URL as a security measure.

“We feel that by giving the exact location, we may be further assisting a privacy breach. That is certainly something we do not want to assist,” explains the site’s founder.

Scramble Face is set to begin posting the first scan reports at the end of July. During its launch year, the website’s main goal is to completely scan the Internet and catalog all images, on top of a few final tests. While the website is still nearing completion, its founders are already offering large discounts on purchasing scan reports for people who want to know where their pictures are during the pre-launch period. Those interested in this early bird offer will find coupon codes offering as much as 50% discount on each scan simply by visiting the company’s website and checking out their Facebook page.

The website currently accepts payments using Credit Cards, Bitcoin, and Paypal. On the whole, by maximizing face recognition technology, Scramble Face has created a tool that gives people more control over their online self-image as well as their cyber safety.
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Write by: RC - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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