LG Bets Big On Mass-Produce Flexible Phone OLED Displays OLED Before End Of 2013

LG to start mass producing flexible OLED displays and using them in a production phone.

Confident that bendy screens will be the next big thing in tech, not only does LG plan to launch its first flexible display smartphone before the end of 2013 but will also start making the displays for other handset manufacturers from 2014 onwards. 

Flexible displays are not a new thing -- the technology for their creation has been in play for many years. The company had previously confirmed that it will start mass production of the flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screens back in April. The screens are being produced in the company's South Korean display complex, located in Paju. While it has already shipped samples to other companies, including the LG Electronics branch, full production is only expected to start in Q4 this year, with an expected rate of 12,000 screens per month.

 The biggest advantage flexible displays have over traditional mobile device screens is that they're practically unbreakable, due to their flexibility. The fact that they don't have to be perfectly flat and level in order to work will also open up new design opportunities.

LG claims that its displays are OLED (organic light emitting diode) -- so no need for back lighting -- and that they can support ultra-high-definition images. That is a huge jump from Apple's retina display and Samsung's AMOLED HD screens in terms of picture quality.

Battery technology is still very ‘stiff' and the development of flexible, foldable power cells is still very much in the research and development stage.

There have been no further hints towards the actual phone, but we are expecting some interesting developments. Flexible screens, while being an incredible technological advancement, don't seem to be the most useful thing ever on a smartphone, so we are hopeful that the company will pull off something amazing that highlights their uses.

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