Solar, Motion Charging for iWatch

According to a story in Sunday's New York Times, Apple has been testing both solar and wireless charging for the rumored iWatch. This wireless charging method would involve magnetic induction.

Solar, Motion Charging for iWatch

This could conceivably involve the use of a charging plate.
However, another method to juice up the watch may be to integrate a solar-charging layer in the screen.

Yet another involves "charging the battery through movement, a method that is already used in many modern watches," the Times reported. "A person's arm swinging could operate a tiny charging station that generates and pushes power to the device while walking." Apple filed a patent for the technology in 2009.

The impetus for alternatives to the traditional battery is rooted in the fact that a smart watch powered by a sophisticated processor would run out of juice too soon to entice consumers.

In the story, the Times cited Nest co-founder and "one of the fathers of the iPod" Tony Fadell, saying Apple tried for "many years" to build a smarter battery with, for example, solar charging but failed.
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Write by: RC - Monday, February 3, 2014

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