READY BATT-Power in Your Pocket

It’s a portable, pocket-sized, 800 mAh li-polymer battery that gives an iPhone battery 85 more hours of standby time or 2.5 more hours of talk, text, web surfing time.

READY BATT-Power in Your Pocket


It is available in 4 different colors i.e pink, blue, green, black 




It also comes in a stylish design keychains which are very easy to carry.

Stylish Design Keychains

Stylish  Keychains


Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.5 x .6 in.
Weight: 8 oz.


  1. Input: 5.0V/1.0A (Max)
  2. Output: 5.0V±0.25V/1.0A
  3. Charge Cycles: 10,000

Internal Technical Structure


ReadyBatt comes in two flavors! One for Apple products utilizing the Lightning Connecter and one for any micro-USB supported device- which of course means Androids as well as Windows phones.


Flip the slider located on the side of the device to expose the connecter and plug it into your device. After you’re done, use the Micro-USB cable and plug it into a USB outlet to recharge.

As it includes :-

  1. Micro-USB Cable for charging your ReadyBatt
  2. Wall Adapter for faster charging
  3. Standard Travel Case for extra protection

Now, some question may arise like :- 

1 .How many times can it charge my device?

That depends on the capacity of your device. The ReadyBatt is a 800 mAh battery.

If you want to get an idea , it can be as :
  1. An Apple iPhone 5 Battery is 1,420 mAh. So essentially it will charge your iPhone up to 60%.
  2. A Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery is rated at 2,600 mAh, so it will give you about 40% more power.
Finally, an iPad Mini battery has a capacity of 4,400 mAh, so that will net you about 23% more battery.

2. How long does the battery take to charge my device?

Approximately about 25 minutes to reach its full potential charge.

Expected Price :-

Retail Price is looking to be around $29.99 however you can get one on Kickstarter by pledging $25.

Real World Scenarios

  1. When you are trying to meet up with people in an unfamiliar place and your phone dies.
  2. If you run out of gas in a sketchy area and don’t have enough battery to call for help.
  3. When you are lost and can’t use GPS because your phone battery is dead.
  4. When you are expecting an important business call and your phone dies.
  5. If you are a parent and need your phone on in case your children call with emergencies- but your phone dies.
  6. If you are texting and autocorrect causes you to write something horrible but your phone dies before you can fix it!

ReadyBatt is convenient, easy, and always there when you need it. It allows you to control the power and never lets your battery get the best of you.

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