Firefox's New Interface

The majority of Mozilla Firefox users will get a new browser's interface and features  in 12 weeks from now. The project, code-named Australis, has been limited to Firefox's nightly builds, but adventurous fans can check out what's in the works with Friday's release of Firefox 29 Aurora.

Firefox's menu under the Australis interface turns into a panel, a grid of links

Firefox's menu under the Australis interface turns into a panel, a grid of links

 Moreover, Mozilla has created a more graphics-friendly interface that looks similar across all platforms. The main menu on Windows, Mac, and Linux is hidden behind an Android-style "three horizontal lines" icon, with Settings options given big, touch-friendly, and easily identifiable icons. The curve angles on desktop Firefox tabs look similar, if not identical, to the curve on Firefox for Android, further reinforcing the unified look.
For almost two years, the interface will be the most apparent change. On Windows and Linux, the orange Firefox button in the upper-left corner of the browser is gone, a hallmark since 2011's Firefox 4.

new Firefox Sync makes it easier to synchronize tabs, history, passwords, settings, and add-ons between Firefox browsers on both desktop and mobile..

The new Firefox Aurora simplifies the Firefox Sync log-in procedure by creating a new unified Mozilla account while offering the same end-to-end encryption.

Mozilla's chief technology officer, Brendan Eich, said that existing Firefox Sync users can disconnect one of their devices to force the creation of a new account, but that it wasn't necessary.
The redesign is expected to play a large role in Mozilla's ongoing struggle to parlay its desktop success.

"If people want to wait until the Beta, they could do that," he told CNET earlier this week, referencing the Firefox Beta that will ship with the new sync log-in six weeks from now.
Moreover, A Mozilla spokesperson said that the company isn't expecting a backlash like the one that followed Firefox 4 and its new rapid-release cycle, which changed the browser to update versions every six weeks, like Google Chrome.

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