Sony HMZ-T3W, A Next-Gen Head-Mounted 3D Video Viewer

Sony HMZ-T3W, A Next-Gen Head-Mounted 3D Video Viewer

HMZ-T2A there were two small OLED screens that give the impression of a much larger display, optional 3D, and the privacy of your own virtual screening room. This time around, however, at least one of the cords has disappeared, though it’s not quite the wireless nirvana Sony might like you to believe. At IFA 2013, the company is hoping to launch the new HMZ-T3W.

It's completely wireless, though you'd have to be very brave to take this thing on the bus. Sony promises "hours" of battery life, meanwhile. The 1,280x720-pixel OLED displays mimic a giant screen, and are 3D-capable.

Flexible headbands are one-size-fits-all, and have cushioned pads to keep things comfy. Its lenses are adjustable via two sliders under the set, so in theory even wearers of glasses can get involved, but in practise, the fit is quite snug, so we're not convinced you'd fit any spectacles comfortably into the viewing area.

Users can now reduce the image size down by four steps to a low of 70 percent (similar to a 13.3 m screen from 20 m away), a 2D image can be displayed with a slight virtual curve for a movie theater feel, and gamers are offered four image adjustment modes to increase visibility in darker areas of the screen during a game.

With Sony HMZ-T3W users can reduce the image size down by four steps to a low of 70 percent

There's an adjustable cushioned head pad to help give some relief from pressure against your noggin, six stage independent lens adjustment, and the device will warn users of prolonged use after three hours.

Though ambient light shields are available to help isolate users from the outside world, there's a handy gap at the bottom of the headset to allow gamers to hit the right key or click the mouse button at that critical win or lose moment, or for the rest of us to reach for a cup of coffee without risking a spill. 

Sony says that its Virtual Surround Technology offers accurate sound placement in an immersive 360° soundstage. A 32-bit DAC delivers 7.1 channel audio through supplied earphones that boast 16-mm drivers, with a frequency response of 4 Hz to 27 kHz and 106 dB per mW sensitivity.

The version that requires wired connection between battery box and a slightly lighter processor unit is called the HMZ-T3. Other than supplied earphones with 13.5-mm drivers that have 105 dB per mW sensitivity and a frequency range of 5 Hz to 24 kHz, the specs are the same as the wireless model.

You can connect the HMZ-T3W to your PC, game console, and mobile phone or tablet via HDMI plugged into a wireless processor unit that converts the input to an image that matches your two screens. Whether its wireless connection is fast enough for intense gaming is something we'll have to test. Sony does say the visor offers enough room so you can look down at your keyboard.

The HMZ-T3W is out in Europe in November for the staggering price of £1,300 ($2,035). A US launch date has yet to be penciled in.

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