Nissan's Coming Smartwatch To Connect Car And Driver

Nissan's Coming Smartwatch To Connect Car And Driver

Like many other smartwatches, the Nissan Nismo not only measures the user's heart rate, temperature and other biometrics but it also allows users to keep an eye on their car's performance - including average speeds and fuel consumption. This watch could be an important step towards greater connectivity in cars.

"Connectivity is the new battleground for car manufacturers," said Chas Hallett, editor-in-chief of What Car? "In-car internet is coming and now with consumer electronics focusing on watch-based connections, Nissan is getting ahead of the game and joining the two together very cleverly."

The Nismo watch can be connected to the car's on-board computer system to allow users to monitor vehicle telematics and performance data. Users can also receive tailored messages from Nissan via the gadget.

It was unveiled ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs until 22 September.

At a concept stage at the moment, the Nismo watch is meant to complement Nissan’s cars, allowing drivers to measure the efficiency of their cars and monitoring their own driving performance. The smartwatch would also monitor the driver’s biometrics via a heart rate monitor and send feedback based on their heartbeat.

The smartwatch would monitor the driver’s biometrics via heart rate

The "Nismo Concept Watch", intended for drivers of Nissan Nismo cars, will be the first smartwatch to connect drivers to their cars, the company claims.

The Nismo watch, which will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will be available in three colors – red, black and white – and will come in a premium design with a snapfit mechanism to secure on the driver’s wrist. Interestingly, it will also monitor the driver’s online social feed, which Nissan says has been developed internally (sounds like Klout to us) and calls it social speed.

The smartwatch will use a lithium battery and will be charged by micro-USB, with a battery life of over seven days under normal usage conditions. It can also track and rate the user’s social performance across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Write by: RC - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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