An iPhone Into A Stereoscopic 3D Camera: By Poppy

Poppy is the first device in the world that turns an iPhone into a 3D camera capable of capturing, viewing and sharing full-motion, full-color video and stills in 3D. It is Created by Joe Heitzberg (co-founder of Snapvine) and Ethan Lowry (co-founder of Urbanspoon).

There are several apps that can alter an exising images and convert it into 3D images with an iPhone but With the Poppy, you'll be able to shoot your own 3D images and video instantly with just your iPhone. According to the developers, the stereoscopic images produced with a Poppy and an iPhone's HD camera lend a true sense of immersion to your typical snapshots. Poppy lets you capture and share the world the way you really experience it: in three dimensions.


Poppy works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch.  You put your phone in and Poppy’s mirrors capture two stereographic images using your iPhone’s single camera. 

When you look in the viewfinder, Poppy’s lenses combine the two video streams into a single, crisp, 3D video. It’s beautiful, and really hard to describe or show in two dimensions.

It doesn't need batteries and there are no electronics. It's just optics and your iPhone's camera and screen, so we can keep the price low without sacrificing quality.

For example, HTC came out with the Evo 3D smartphone several years ago, which had dual cameras for capturing 3-D photos and videos.



Since Poppy works by recording two stereographic images in your iPhone's single camera, any camera or video app you already use -- like Camera Plus or Vine -- will work with Poppy. Just put the iPhone in Poppy when you take the picture, and view the content with Poppy to see it in 3D.

However, to make things easier,  a dedicated iOS app Is going to be created for Poppy. It will feature:

  • Capturing 3D videos and 3D still images
  • Saving photos and videos to your iPhone's photo album
  • Uploading videos to YouTube
  • Browsing your own 3D content as well as 3D videos on YouTube
  • Easy controls and navigation for when your phone is in Poppy
The Poppy  reached its Kickstarter goal of US$40,000 in less than a day, so it may soon become the first device that takes 3D images with an iPhone camera. Right now, anyone who contributes $49 or more to the Kickstarter can receive a Poppy of their very own when they ship in December of this year.

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Write by: RC - Friday, June 28, 2013

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